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84th History







84th Engineer Battalion Const.










History of The 84th Engineer Battalion


The 84th Engineer Battalion was constituted 31 March 1930 in the Organized Reserves as 602d Camouflage Battalion Corps of Engineers , and was allotted to the Fifth Corps Area.On 20 August 1931 it was redesignated 602d Engineer Battalion (Camouflage) . It was withdrawn from the Organized Reserves on 1 January 1938 , and allotted to the Regular Army . On 22 June 1940 the unit was redesignated 84th Engineer Battalion (Camouflage) (Army). 1 July 1940,"A" Company was activated at Fort Belvoir , Virginia.The remainder of the Battalion was activated 3 June 1941.After Pearl Harbor the Battalion became the nucleus for new engineer camouflage units and adopted the motto "We Conceal". The Battalion was alerted for overseas duty in February 1943 and departed from Fort Dix , New Jersey during April 1943.



During Word War II the Battalion participated in the European Campaign and was awarded campaign streamers as follows:Naples-Foggia;Rome-Arno;Southern France
(With Arrowhead);Rhineland;Ardennes-Alsace;and Central Europe.



The unit was reorganized and redesignated 84th Engineer (Camouflage) Company (Army), on 3 November 1945.On 15 November 1946 the Battalion was inactivated at Fort Knox ,Kentucky.The Battalion was consolated with Headquarters and Headquarters and Service Company,1001st Engineer Forestry Battalion and redesignated the 84th Engineer Construction Battalion,on 12 April 1949.On 20 May 1949,the Unit was activated at Fort Riley,Kansas.



In 1950 the Battalion was sent to Korea in support of the United Nations Forces.There the 84th participated in all ten campaigns of the Korean Conflict.Streamers for each are attached to the Battalion Colors.It was in Korea that Lt.General John W.(Iron Mike) O'Daniel,the I Corps Commander,gave the 84th the nickname:"Conquerors of the Imjin".The Battalion was awarded six decorations for distinguished and meritorious service in Korea.



The Presidential Unit Citation (Navy) was awarded for "extraordinary heroism in action against enemy aggressor forces in Korea during the period 21 to 26 April,16 May to 30 June,and 11 to 25 September 1951",while in support of the First Marine Division.The action for which the citation was awarded involved the destruction of enemy forces north of Wonju,Hwachon,and in the "Punch Bowl"area.The General Order announcing this award states that these actions left the enemy with "his major defenses reduced,his forces on the central front decimated",so that the enemy "never agian recovered sufficiently to resume the offensive in Korea".This decoration is proudly displayed on the Battalion colors and a ribbon representing this award is worn on the the uniform of each member of the 84th.


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The Battalion was also awarded three meritorious Unit Commendations for exceptional meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service.These citations are represented by three streamers on the Battalion Colors,embroidered "Korea".Each member of the Battalion also wears the Meritorious Unit Emblem inscribed with the figure "3" denoting these awards.The following are partial quotations from these citations:



A: First Award: "The 84th Engineer Construction Battalion is cited for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service in Korea in support of combat operations during the period 20 September 1950 to 20 March 1951.The Battalion was confronted with combat hazards,extreme cold weather which hampered operations,and totally inadequate supplies and equipment because of the sudden and unusual demands through military operations.The Battalion launched the first major Bailey Bridge in the Korean Theater over the Naktong River at Waegwan in September,constructed a 1,344 foot low-level railroad bridge over the Imjin River in the vicinity of Munson-ni in October,and a 984 foot low-level railroad bridge was nearly completed over the Taedong River at Pyongyang in November when the evacuation of the area was ordered.This unit prepared all major highway and railroad bridges for demolitions between Pyongyang and Chonan during the withdrawal in December and January. Such work was a vital factor in opening and maintaining routes of communication which contributed to supply support of combat operations.The 84th Engineer Construction Battalion displayed such outstanding devotion and superior performance of exceptionally difficult tasks as to set it apart and above other units with similar missions".



B: Second Award: "Charged with the mission of constructing a vital and strategic bridge, the Battalion undertook its task with superior aggressiveness and determination.Although constantly confronted with difficulties inherent to combat conditions and natural hazards,the willingness to assume responsibility on the part of each individual enabled the Battalion to overcome the most formidable obstacles.The structure,believed capable of withstanding seasonable floods,is a vital link in the communications system."



C: Third Award: "While assigned the mission of providing general engineer support to elements of the Eighth United States Army,the Battalion efficiently completed many projects of vital importance to the United Nations Repatriation Commission.Through their willingness to work long and arduous hours,the personnel of this unit successfully completed assignments in support of Operation Big Switch,which involved construction of the Forward Conference Area,Prisoner of War building and Explaining Compounds,and Custodial Forces,India Camps in the Demilitarized Zone".



The 84th Engineer Battalion is also one of the few Army units to be awarded the Navy Unit Commendation.This citation was presented for service support of the First Marine Division,who were maintaining defense positions on a 35 mile front in the vicinity of PANMUNJOM.The Navy streamer,embroidered PANMUNJOM,representing this award is also displayed with the unit colors.



The president of he Republic of Korea expressed the gratitude of the Korean Goverment to the 84th Engineer Battalion for construction of the Libby Bridge , by awarding the oranization The Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation.The Libby Bridge over the Imjin River is probably the most outstanding engineer troop construction project in Korea> Five 48 inch steel "I" beams span the 1,0 76 foot length of the bridge.The Libby Bridge supports a concrete and steel roadway at a height of 54 feet above the mean low tide.The citation for the Battalion's work on the bridge reads in part:"In spite of the magnitude of the project, the work was adventurously begun by the enthusiastic and capable men in the Battalion.Extreme difficulties in setting steel-pilings and concrete columns failed to daunt the men , the project was carried forward with determination , courage and esprit de corp.Every phase of the task was marked by competent performance and steadfast devotion to duty of personnel assigned to the organization.Two men gave their lives during the six months the Battalion devoted their best energies to accomplishing this worthy project.The bridge will serve as a main supply route for the western portion of the front , and will prove of international significance in contributing to the success of the United Nations campaign in Korea and to the reconstruction of our war-torn country.The meritorious accomplishment of the officers and the men of the 84th United States Engineer Construction Battalion is in keeping with the highest humanitarian and military traditions and reflects great glory upon the Battalion and the United Nations in the fight against Communist aggression in Korea. "



The Battalion was transferred from Korea to Fort Ord in June of 1955.



The wartime mission of the Battalion is to construct , rehabilitate and maintain military routes of communication and facilities , maintenance of railroads , and perform related engineer work in the communications zone.The current mission of the Battalion at Fort Ord is the maintenance of an organization capable of performance of wartime misssions.This is accomplished by individual and unit training in the many skills in construction of installation support facilities at Fort Ord and vicinity.



The Battalions a proud member of the Strategic Army Corps ( STRAC ) the Ready Force of the US Army and is currently attached to the Second Logistical Command.



The 20th of August of each year is the designated organization day of

"The 84th Engineer Battalion".

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